Providing innovative medical products  and services that support healthcare 

clinicians in diagnosing and treating 



Providing innovative medical products and services that support healthcare clinicians in diagnosing and treating patients.

Blackridge Healthcare Solutions LLC, is dedicated to supporting physicians and healthcare systems in achieving the Triple Aim through the use of new technologies and services. In this evolving age of "precision medicine" we are bringing new solutions to physicians and other healthcare providers in both the fee-for-service and ACO worlds.

What We Offer

Doctor's Clinic


Blackridge Healthcare offers a turn key solution in your office to perform preventative testing for ABI Brachial Index, ANS Autonomic Nervous System, Sudomotor with leading technology and clinical expertise delivered to you in a user friendly summary and recommendations report.

How It Works:

  • Your patients fill out our easy to use screening tool

  • Eligible patients (typically 60% of your patients) are tested on their day of their visit

  • Our non-invasive test takes about 15 to 20 minutes, performed by our Medical Assistant in your office

  • Summary findings and recommendation report delivered immediately to physician

  • Patient is scheduled for follow up visit to review recommendations

  • Our team bills appropriate insurance company on behalf of physician

  • Physician receives payment directly from insurance companies

  • Our team then invoices Physician ONLY after physician is paid by insurance company

340B Assistance Program

  • The first and only service built specifically to create, optimize and maximize the 340B program for covered entities. Blackridge Healthcare has a concierge approach to 340B for its clients, allowing the covered entity to focus on patient care

  • The concierge service was started by our partner, who has spent her career working with covered entities in the 340B space. She is a national 340Health speaker on the program, sits on the 340B government advocacy board and speaks routinely and hospital association meetings across the country. She is a PharmD with an MBA in Health Care Administration and is a 340B Apexus Certified Expert 

  • The Blackridge Healthcare partners are ALL: PharmD, 340B-ACE and have at least 10 years of experience with the 340B Program 

In past 20 months have activated 12 contracts representing 15 hospitals and 17 FQHCs for $49M in total improvements


Blackridge Team Recovery Process:


The mission of Blackridge Healthcare is to create a compliant and financially optimized program:

  • All services are provided on a contingency  based gain share agreement eliminating the need for investment

  • Many areas of growth and optimization will be worked for the covered entity to ensure optimal program revenue 

  • A complimentary analysis of your 340B program is completed, incorporating all applicable 340B universes 

  • Our partners work with all types of Covered Entities, all Third Party Administrators, and all Retail/Specialty Pharmacies 



SAFE MISSISSIPPI PLAN, is a 24 page plan introduced by BlackRidge Healthcare Solutions LLC, a Jackson based company, as a vital tool for easing anxiety, encouraging collaborative partnerships and ensuring that schools, business and communities can adapt to a changing world of efficiency in the world of COVID-19.   SAFE MISSISSIPPI details best case scenarios while offering insight on the following subject matter areas: 

  • What massive PCR & COVID-19 Testing is and how to implement

  • What is ONE SCREEN GOSAFE Scanning

  • Introduction and acquisition of comprehensive PPE resources as imperatives to schools, businesses & communities in the culture of COVID-19 

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